The top principle of our company‘s philosophy is to meet the individual requirements of our customers. In order to do this we provide not only high quality, but also user friendly and efficient products at the highest quality levels. Since its foundation in 1999, we have developed into a highly qualified producer of fleece and achieved a leading position in the market.
Well thought out warehouse and shipping logistics guarantee reliab-le and quick delivery. You will find our products both nationally and internationally, mostly in private label packaging. Customer-oriented developed and assembled, they meet all the requirements of functiona-lity, design and efficiency.
Absolute reliability in quality, adherence to deadlines and sustainability are our commitment and for us, a matter of course. This means concen-trated competence which we demonstrate on a daily basis.
Our products are characterised by „MADE IN GERMANY“ quality at fair prices. We enjoy the great confidence that our customers have in us and hold true to our responsibility in maintaining this.