As established manufacturer and supplier of non-woven products we manufacture for enterprises of the health service, for food processing factories and for the industry, especially the automotive industry. Our automated non-woven-cloth-winders follow your individual requirements. Hereby we handle any task for you: from the smallest amount up to large-scale production.

Dry, perforated non-woven rolls belong to our busi-ness activities as well as saturated non-woven pro-ducts. We use either customer-provided saturate dilu-tion or supply ready saturated non-woven rolls.
 To make your product satisfying, it needs an approp-riate, user-friendly packing. If boxes, buckets, cans or refill packing, together with you we select the best dispenser system for your product and assemble your product with inserts like disinfectant sachets, instruc-tion leaflets or information brochures.

We supply dispenser systems and the belonging wall mountings in almost every order size.